Monday, April 16, 2007

Logomaid ripping off an already ripped off logo - how original...!

Those of you in the graphic design business are definitely aware of the Quark logo design scandal and what a mess it turned out to be. For those of your not aware of that situation, it was:

** As reported on The Register **
Quark has got itself into a bit of a rumpus over its new logo - described as "fresh, inviting, and open" by the company, but also as "indeed uncanny" by a Scottish Arts Council (SAC) spokesperson for its, well, indeed uncanny resemblence to the SAC brand frontage.

A SAC spokesperson said: "We are very proud of our logo which the design company first presented to us on 7 February 2001. Our logo was intensively researched, and then trademarked and launched in 2002."

For its part, Quark says it's an honest mistake. A spokesman told Macworld: "At the end of the day, the logo is a 'q' - and there's a limited number of possible logo designs you can achieve with a single character." He added that the company carried out "extensive checks to discover any similar existing logos [but] we evidently didn't find them all".

Evidently not. Regarding the "limited number of possible logo designs", we're sure that Quark must have a couple of different fonts to play with, in order to extract itself visually from the "sea of sameness" which so lumps together so many corporate software companies - and Scottish Arts Councils. ®

The logo in question is this:

So now imagine how funny it is that logomaid has also stolen the above design which ultimately belongs to the Scottish Arts Council. Logomaid's version which is found on :

So we've got logomaid stealing the Quark logo which was already a copy of the SAC logo...

It's like an orgy isn't it?


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